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Borca Online is the official supplier of gTool in the Netherlands. With 15 years experience in the computer, telecommunications and electronics industry, we proudly deliver sustainable tools such as the iCorner and Screen Jack from gTool.

We are constantly looking for and busy creating new products that will revolutionize the repair industry.
Featured Products
gTool iCorner for repairing damaged corners of the iPhone 5, 6 and iPad 2, 3, 4, iPad mini and iPad Air.
Screen Jack
Open the iPhone 5, 5s and 5c easily without damaging the device with the Screen Jack from gTool.
Side Tool
iCorner side tool from gTool for repairing damaged sides of the iPhone 5, 6, iPad 2, 3, 4 and iPad mini & Air.
gTool Assistant
gTool iCorner assistant set for extra grip to use as leverage with all iCorner Tools. Aid kit for the tough jobs.
Professional tools for iPhone and iPad repair
Every iPad and iPhone repair technician comes across bent corners and edges and know that it can be a difficult time consuming job to get them right and round again. If this is not done right then there is a chance that the new glass and / or LCD breaks again or gets damaged. The professional gTool range contains a number of special models, each with their own characteristics and applications.
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Why use gTools for repairing?

- No more fiddling with pliers, chisels and
- No risk of damaging new screens.
- Ease of use that saves you time.
- High durable quality.
- Deliver a neat, professionally repaired device
back to your customers.
- Easy to use for technician staff.
- All parts are replaceable.
- The right tools for the job!!
Parts and Accessoires
All gTool accessories and spare parts are sold separately to keep your tools complete and in perfect condition.

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